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  2. Paim, Crislaine Pires Padilha
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  4. Parmanto, Bambang
  5. Pasquier, Pierre
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  9. Peeters, Margot
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  11. Perez, Jean Paul
  12. Perrochon, Anaick
  13. Peterson, Gregory
  14. Petit, Ludovic
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  17. Pinto dos Santos, Daniel
  18. Pirovano, Michele
  19. Plum, Patrick Sven
  20. Podowski, Aleksandra
  21. Pons, François
  22. Prahm, Cosima
  23. Pramana, Gede
  24. Prescott, Julie
  25. Prins, Jelle T
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  27. Prokhorov, Alexander V
  28. Purgathofer, Peter