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What Serious Video Games Can Offer Child Obesity Prevention
by Debbe Thompson
(Published on 16 Jul 2014)
Childhood obesity is a worldwide issue, and effective methods encouraging children to adopt healthy diet and physical activity behaviors are needed. This viewpoint addresses the promise of serious video games, and why they may offer one method for helping children eat healthier and become more physically active. Lessons learned are provided, as well as examples gleaned from personal experiences.
A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Assessment of Small Animals’ Phobia Using Virtual Reality as a Stimulus
by Miriam Clemente, Beatriz Rey, Aina Rodriguez-Pujadas, Juani Breton-Lopez, Alfonso Barros-Loscertales, Rosa M Baños, Cristina Botella, Mariano Alcañiz, Cesar Avila
(Published on 27 Jun 2014)
Background: To date, still images or videos of real animals have been used in functional magnetic resonance imaging protocols to evaluate the brain activations associated with small animals’ phobia. Objective: The objective of our study was to evaluate the brain activations associated with small animals’ phobia through the use of virtual environments. This context will have the added benefit of allowing the subject to move and interact with the environment, giving the subject the illusion of being there. Methods: We have analyzed the brain activation in a group of phobic people while they navigated in a virtual environment that included the small animals that were the object of their phobia. Results: We have found brain activation mainly in the left occipital inferior lobe...