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Projected Impact Factor 2016 for JMIR Serious Games

Update 19 Jan 2018: Official Journal Impact Factor 2017 by Carivate Analytics expected mid-2018!

(Toronto, 6 Feb 2017,  updated 4 Dec 2017) A year ago, we calculated a projected impact factor for JMIR Serious Games. We now repeated this exercise for the 2016 impact factor (which can by definition only be calculated in 2017).

The 2016 impact factor of a journal can be calculated as follows (Wikipedia):

2016 impact factor = A/B


A = the number of times that all items published in that journal in 2014/15 were cited by indexed publications during 2016.
B = the total number of "citable items" published by that journal in 2014/15.

We are proud to report that the projected impact factor for JMIR Serious Games (2016) is 3.82, calculated from 84 (citations in 2016) / 22 (citable published articles 2014-2015).

This means that the IF compared to last year it has more than doubled.  

This confirms that JMIR Serious Games is going to be a leading journal in the field.

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