JMIR Serious Games Sees a 20% Increase in 2023 Journal Citation Reports Impact Factor to 4.0

(Toronto, June 28, 2023) JMIR Publications announced today that JMIR Serious Games received a Journal Impact Factor (JIF) of 4.0, a 20% increase compared to last year, as published in Clarivate’s 2023 Journal Citation Reports release. JMIR Serious Games increased its ranking to the second quartile (Q2) in the “Medical Informatics” category. The journal continues to define the research space by bringing gamification and new methods of education and patient engagement into health care.

In total, 14 of the 34 open access journals published by JMIR Publications now have a JFI—that’s a 133% increase since last year, and we still have more journals launched in the last 2 years that won’t yet be relevant for metrics such as the JIF and CiteScore.  

Our journals with an inaugural JIF include:

The JMIR Publications flagship and tenured journals continue to remain strong:

We would like to emphasize that the JIF should be regarded as just one of several metrics used to assess the quality or influence of an article. It is crucial to consider the JIF in conjunction with other indicators rather than relying on it in isolation. We do not support any misuse of the JIF and actively encourage all to use other measures (eg, author satisfaction ratings on SciRev and Google; article usage and scores from services like Eigenfactor, Google Scholar, CiteScore, Altmetric, Plum Analytics, etc), alongside new and emerging open science measures that support broader advances in science and academia. We align with DORA on the importance of contextual metrics and the need to transition the research ecosystem away from JIF dominance.

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