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Development of an Exergame to Deliver a Sustained Dose of High-Intensity Training: Formative Pilot Randomized Trial

JMIR Serious Games 2018;6(1):e4

422531 11 6
Can Gaming Increase Antibiotic Awareness in Children? A Mixed-Methods Approach

JMIR Serious Games 2017;5(1):e5

260703 36 15
A Serious Game for Clinical Assessment of Cognitive Status: Validation Study

JMIR Serious Games 2016;4(1):e7

172660 7 46
Behavioral Economics, Wearable Devices, and Cooperative Games: Results From a Population-Based Intervention to Increase Physical Activity

JMIR Serious Games 2016;4(1):e1

119210 9 10
Active Fantasy Sports: Rationale and Feasibility of Leveraging Online Fantasy Sports to Promote Physical Activity

JMIR Serious Games 2014;2(2):e13

114854 24 10
Digital Games for Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes: Underpinning Theory With Three Illustrative Examples

JMIR Serious Games 2015;3(1):e3

111476 24 33
The Design and Relevance of a Computerized Gamified Depression Therapy Program for Indigenous Māori Adolescents

JMIR Serious Games 2015;3(1):e1

107702 12 23
User-Centered Design of Learn to Quit, a Smoking Cessation Smartphone App for People With Serious Mental Illness

JMIR Serious Games 2018;6(1):e2

102625 15 37
Feasibility of Applied Gaming During Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation for Patients With Complex Chronic Pain and Fatigue Complaints: A Mixed-Methods Study

JMIR Serious Games 2016;4(1):e2

96214 9 6
Empirical Evidence for the Outcomes of Therapeutic Video Games for Adolescents With Anxiety Disorders: Systematic Review

JMIR Serious Games 2018;6(1):e3

93657 30 16
The Relationship Between Engagement and Neurophysiological Measures of Attention in Motion-Controlled Video Games: A Randomized Controlled Trial

JMIR Serious Games 2016;4(1):e4

91911 4 23
Just a Fad? Gamification in Health and Fitness Apps

JMIR Serious Games 2014;2(2):e9

91518 57 219
Ecological Validity of Virtual Reality Daily Living Activities Screening for Early Dementia: Longitudinal Study

JMIR Serious Games 2013;1(1):e1

90187 4 73
DietBet: A Web-Based Program that Uses Social Gaming and Financial Incentives to Promote Weight Loss

JMIR Serious Games 2014;2(1):e2

86202 38 17
Gamification: What It Is and Why It Matters to Digital Health Behavior Change Developers

JMIR Serious Games 2013;1(1):e3

83582 84 200
Crave-Out: A Distraction/Motivation Mobile Game to Assist in Smoking Cessation

JMIR Serious Games 2016;4(1):e3

82486 5 18
The Praise and Price of Pokémon GO: A Qualitative Study of Children’s and Parents’ Experiences

JMIR Serious Games 2018;6(1):e1

82441 19 23
Effects of Playing a Serious Computer Game on Body Mass Index and Nutrition Knowledge in Women

JMIR Serious Games 2016;4(1):e8

82302 11 15
Development of an Educational Game to Set Up Surgical Instruments on the Mayo Stand or Back Table: Applied Research in Production Technology

JMIR Serious Games 2017;5(1):e1

79661 2 6
Virtual Travel Training for Autism Spectrum Disorder: Proof-of-Concept Interventional Study

JMIR Serious Games 2018;6(1):e5

79037 16 21
Therapists’ Perceptions of Social Media and Video Game Technologies in Upper Limb Rehabilitation

JMIR Serious Games 2015;3(1):e2

78054 8 37
User-Centered Design of Serious Games for Older Adults Following 3 Years of Experience With Exergames for Seniors: A Study Design

JMIR Serious Games 2017;5(1):e2

77993 14 33
Gaming Your Mental Health: A Narrative Review on Mitigating Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety Using Commercial Video Games

JMIR Serious Games 2021;9(2):e26575

73631 181 1
Epic Allies: Development of a Gaming App to Improve Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence Among Young HIV-Positive Men Who Have Sex With Men

JMIR Serious Games 2016;4(1):e6

70278 36 42
Game-Based Rehabilitation for Myoelectric Prosthesis Control

JMIR Serious Games 2017;5(1):e3

67087 8 23

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