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Gamification: What It Is and Why It Matters to Digital Health Behavior Change Developers

JMIR Serious Games 2013;1(1):e3

54448 84 317
Just a Fad? Gamification in Health and Fitness Apps

JMIR Serious Games 2014;2(2):e9

92383 57 307
Gamification of Cognitive Assessment and Cognitive Training: A Systematic Review of Applications and Efficacy

JMIR Serious Games 2016;4(2):e11

34820 29 272
Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality-Based Head-Mounted Devices for Medical Education: Systematic Review

JMIR Serious Games 2021;9(3):e29080

10287 156 180
Virtual Reality Clinical Research: Promises and Challenges

JMIR Serious Games 2018;6(4):e10839

13919 31 119
Ecological Validity of Virtual Reality Daily Living Activities Screening for Early Dementia: Longitudinal Study

JMIR Serious Games 2013;1(1):e1

14229 4 118
Head-Mounted Virtual Reality and Mental Health: Critical Review of Current Research

JMIR Serious Games 2018;6(3):e14

17090 19 114
Virtual Rehabilitation for Multiple Sclerosis Using a Kinect-Based System: Randomized Controlled Trial

JMIR Serious Games 2014;2(2):e12

11185 17 100
How to Systematically Assess Serious Games Applied to Health Care

JMIR Serious Games 2014;2(2):e11

18965 82 87
A Serious Game for Clinical Assessment of Cognitive Status: Validation Study

JMIR Serious Games 2016;4(1):e7

8576 7 87
Implementations of Virtual Reality for Anxiety-Related Disorders: Systematic Review

JMIR Serious Games 2018;6(4):e10965

12731 27 84
Quality Criteria for Serious Games: Serious Part, Game Part, and Balance

JMIR Serious Games 2020;8(3):e19037

11731 7 78
Health Education Serious Games Targeting Health Care Providers, Patients, and Public Health Users: Scoping Review

JMIR Serious Games 2020;8(1):e13459

6529 10 74
Developing Theory-Driven, Evidence-Based Serious Games for Health: Framework Based on Research Community Insights

JMIR Serious Games 2019;7(2):e11565

7598 8 72
Leisure and Problem Gaming Behaviors Among Children and Adolescents During School Closures Caused by COVID-19 in Hong Kong: Quantitative Cross-sectional Survey Study

JMIR Serious Games 2021;9(2):e26808

14738 5 67
User-Centered Design of Learn to Quit, a Smoking Cessation Smartphone App for People With Serious Mental Illness

JMIR Serious Games 2018;6(1):e2

8291 15 66
Gaming Your Mental Health: A Narrative Review on Mitigating Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety Using Commercial Video Games

JMIR Serious Games 2021;9(2):e26575

85602 181 65
Effectiveness of Exergaming in Improving Cognitive and Physical Function in People With Mild Cognitive Impairment or Dementia: Systematic Review

JMIR Serious Games 2020;8(2):e16841

6644 11 62
What Older People Like to Play: Genre Preferences and Acceptance of Casual Games

JMIR Serious Games 2017;5(2):e8

8705 6 62
User-Centered Design of Serious Games for Older Adults Following 3 Years of Experience With Exergames for Seniors: A Study Design

JMIR Serious Games 2017;5(1):e2

9389 14 61
Virtual Reality Applications in Chronic Pain Management: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

JMIR Serious Games 2022;10(2):e34402

3998 24 60
The Effects of Gamification on Computerized Cognitive Training: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

JMIR Serious Games 2020;8(3):e18644

5504 11 60
Therapists’ Perceptions of Social Media and Video Game Technologies in Upper Limb Rehabilitation

JMIR Serious Games 2015;3(1):e2

14808 8 57
Epic Allies: Development of a Gaming App to Improve Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence Among Young HIV-Positive Men Who Have Sex With Men

JMIR Serious Games 2016;4(1):e6

4877 36 57
Who Is Still Playing Pokémon Go? A Web-Based Survey

JMIR Serious Games 2017;5(2):e7

6741 17 57

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